Devoted to Design Committed to Heritage

ESCVDO is a sustainable luxury brand approaching contemporary design through visionary creations, excellence in craftsmanship and a special care for quality. 

Our first purpose is to become part of people’s most significant moments. Each handmade piece adding to carefully curated lifestyles, manifesting what can be felt when you recognize yourself as part of the world and strive to care for it. 

We believe in an essential kind of luxury, where the value of each piece becomes obvious in the exploration of its details and in the telling of its journey. We strive to share creations designed with profound textile knowledge and that take from the natural world in a sustainable manner.


ESCVDO was founded in 2013 by sisters Chiara and Giuliana Macchiavello, an artist and a fashion designer who share a deep-seated passion for Peru, its traditions, and its vast natural and cultural wealth.

the brand began to participate in fashion shows and fairs around the world, such as Copenhagen Fashion Week and the Design Biennial in Madrid, among others.


ESCVDO received recognitions from the City Council of Lima and the Andean Parliament in the category of New Entrepreneurship. 


the brand entered the North American market, beginning exports to the USA, Canada and Mexico

ESCVDO was part of a popup at Bergorf Goodman, in New York, and was displayed in the store’s iconic windows during NYFW. 

ESCVDO was recognized by the prestigious WWD medium as one of the sustainable brands led by women with the greatest projection worldwide.

ESCVDO was featured in the ¡"Moda Hoy! Latin American and Latinx Fashion Design Today" exhibition at the MFIT (The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology). The chosen garment became part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Chiara Macchiavello

Chiara Macchiavello

Designer, artist, entrepreneur, businesswoman and working mom, Chiara Macchiavello started ESCVDO, as an ethical luxury brand focused on upholding Peru's rich textile traditions.

Growing up, Chiara travelled extensively and was in deep contact with Peru and the different cultural manifestations that can be found across its territory. Drawing on these lifelong connections with artisans, she has worked to showcase the country's unique textiles and craftsmanship while promoting sustainable practices and supporting local communities.

Chiara leads a multidisciplinary team as creative director of ESCVDO, and has represented Peru internationally with a sustainable business model as well as a contemporary designer, focused in creating pieces under the highest standards of luxury and responsible practices.